COTA Officers

President – Brian Clarke

Treasurer – Kirk Wessells

Secretary – John Dabler

Webmaster – Daniel Blanc-Gonnet

Board Of Director At Large – Paul Endres

Columbia Observed Trials Assn. (C.O.T.A.) , as a Trials club was formed in the early 70’s. The Trials story in Oregon begins with the intoduction of what was initially called “English Trials”, which was introduced to America with the introduction of trials specific motorcycles. Montesa’s, Bultaco’s were the first serious trials motorcycles to make there way to Oregon. It is rumored that the club name Cota was inspired from the Montesa Cota. Shortly after the Montesa’s and Bultaco’s arrival, the Japanese manufactures entered the Trials market, introducing the Honda TL 125, Yamaha’s TY 80-175-250, Kawasaki KT 250, and Suzuki’s RL 250. Inexpensive Trials bikes were readily avaialble, which inspired the “hay day of the seventies”, hundreds of riders would attend local trials.

Since the seventies, many bikes have come and gone, events have been held in many locations, popularity has risen and fallen. Now our events are staged in the Tillimook state forest, Mt. Hood National Forest, and private land. On average, a local trial atracts 30 riders. There are 70 to 100 riders that make it out every year. Trials in Oregon is very small group.


How to Host a COTA Event

Over the years, certain individuals have taken on the task of organizing a Columbia Observed Trials Event. It is much easier than one would think!

Here are some of the things that you should do to be considered to host an event:

1. Get involved with COTA: COTA is an organization that thrives because of great volunteers who help make the club what it is today.

2. Attend an event: Attend as a rider, minder, or spectator and look at the things going on to make the event happen.

3. Volunteer to help out at a trial: Contact the trial marshal of the event you plan on volunteering at beforehand.

4. Carefully review COTA Documents: The “Organiser Checklist” and the COTA rules are posted here on the COTA website.

5. Attend the annual COTA banquet: Meet members and put your event on the calendar.

6. Take a chance and commit to doing it: More often than not, trial marshal’s end up wanting to put more events on after their first!


Below are some helpful documents for trial marshal’s:

-Rules of Trials

-Contact Us

-Flyer Template

-Scoring Sheets

-Organiser Checklist (Coming Soon)

-Where to hold your event? (Coming Soon)